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Seattle P.I. Review of Anthology by Too Slim and the Taildraggers

Reflections in Blue Review
Too Slim & The Taildraggers
Underworld Records UND0024

Tim "Too Slim" Langford<> & the Taildraggers came out of Spokane, Washington like a man with the hellhounds nipping at his heels in 1986.  Twenty-eight years and 18 albums later the band is still not only going strong but are hot on the heels of their newest release, a two-disc anthology containing 34 tunes,… Read more

Review of "Anthology" by New York Writer Dave Rubin. Available now at The Too Slim and the Taildragger website.
Review of "Anthology" by New York Writer Dave Rubin. Available now at The Too Slim and the Taildragger website.

Tim “Too Slim” Langford with his Taildraggers roared out of Spokane, Washington in 1986 like a man with his hair on fire. The virtuoso guitarist, passionate singer and poetic songwriter remains possessed to play the blues his way with blockbusting power and the talent to create timeless music like his life depended on it. 28 years, countless emotionally draining shows and 18 albums… Read more

Blue Heart (Underworld Records, June 2013)
blue heart

"The first four bars of opening track “Wash My Hands,” announce the return of Too Slim and the Taildraggers with a muscular one, two, three punch of gritty guitar, snapping snare drum and thundering bass. Recorded in his new home of Nashville, Blue Heart is the follow-up to Shiver; the 2012 Blues Music Association nominated Blues Rock Album of the Year and his much lauded solo album Broken Halo. The eleven song collection produced by Tom Hambridge feature his skills on both sides of the… Read more

Rock and Reprise Review: Broken Halo

Frank O. Gutch Jr.

I don't know what I was expecting, but this ain't it. Actually, I do know what I was expecting. I was expecting an acoustic version of Too Slim & The Tail Draggers and boy am I glad I was disappointed. Guitarist Tim Langford, it appears, is more than just a one trick pony. Broken Halo is proof.

Not that I don't like blues… Read more

Tim “Too Slim” Langford - Broken Halo

David Hintz, Underworld Records; 2012

Tim Langford does the blues, but adds a lot of folk touches and changes arrangements around to keep things interesting at all times. The great touch displayed on slide guitar is showcased in the opening instrumental track. He then proceeds to show off his classic bluesy voice in many of the other songs. “Princeville Serenade” shows off more folk moves and is a great interlude among the bluesier songs. This is the second album I have heard from him and both… Read more

BluesWax - Sittin’ In With Tim “Too Slim” Langford

Charley Burch, The Blues Revue

If Tim “Too Slim” Langford only played slide, he would slither around most other blues guitarists and put a ferocious bite on their pride. However, as the sole six-string slinger, main songster, and lead singer of the power trio The Taildraggers, which he founded in 1986 in Seattle, Washington, he is a total force of nature. Leaving musical tracks for others to try and follow, with now 16 albums and countless gigs, he remains as… Read more

Solid Hard Blues

Frank Kocher, Turbula

A blues-rock trio that includes full-page ads for a barbeque sauce and a textile artisan in their album booklet can't be all bad. Together since 1986, Too Slim and the Taildraggers have released numerous albums, including 2007's "The Fortune Teller," and are back with "Free Your Mind." Their sound features the vocals and guitar work of Tim "Too Slim" Langford, and doesn't try for… Read more

Nine Bullets Review: The Fortune Teller

Too Slim and the Taildraggers recently released their 14th album, Fortune Teller. Despite numerous best-of awards and hall of fame inductions from three Blues societies, this was my first encounter with them. There seems to be a lot of Internet chatter about these guys in the blues genre. Personally, I don't hear it on Fortune Teller. Fortune Teller is a straight forward rock and roll record that mingles seamlessly between southern, swamp rock, Americana, and even a slight calypso-ish sound in Mexico.… Read more

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5.0 out of 5 stars
They Just Keep Getting Better October 23, 2007
By Sea Viewer
Format: Audio CD

I've had the pleasure of seeing these guys live on several occassions over the past decade. Tim and the crew put on a very good show. They are true musicians who really enjoy what they do. I bought this album from Tim himself at Jazz… Read more

Too Slim and the Taildraggers: Free Your Mind - 5 stars

Can't fault that for a name can you? FREE YOUR MIND is by all accounts Too Slim- aka Tim Landfords eleventh album and it certainly packs a punch. Released on his own Underworld Records, it is a collection of foot stomping, hard driving blues interspersed with the occasional slower number. For those who like their blues to really rock, then Too Slim's the man for you, the raspy delivery blending perfectly with a massive smoking guitar sound. This is a man of passion and talent who has been compared to… Read more