New Years Blues

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Man come knockin’ on my door

Brother can you help me I’m hungry and I’m cold

I ask myself what should I do

What does this man really want from you

Fear and suspicion is what I feel

Why has this man come to me

My house is warm my belly is full

Inside my heart I know what to do


New Year coming I can’t turn away

From this stranger who has come my way

How can I be of service to you

He said friend I hate to bother you

Times are hard and I worked all day 

For a few dollars for a one night stay

Got nothing left to get me some food

It hurts my pride to ask this from you


Haven’t worked myself for 44 days

I got some left from the money I saved

Let’s both start this New Year right

I thank you for the gift that you gave me tonight

Money’s just something that we spend

But a good friend we can keep till the end