Make it Sound Happy

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I hate to tell you honey but there’s more bad news

The fox is in the henhouse and the cows are all loose


Seems like everyday things are just starting this way

And the doctor just called says he wants to get paid


Momma said I need a little cheering up

Play me that song that I like so much

But make it sound happy so I can lose these blues

Yeah make it sound happy and I’ll roll with you


Sometimes life just gets in the way

Why can’t the sun just shine everyday

Everybody needs someone they can lean on sometimes

Everyday I have thank the lord that I got you





Well that old man Dickson, didn’t do what he said 

And it looks like things are gonna come to a head

Both sides are lawyerin’ up best go get the shotgun out

Who needs a bunch of dumbass lawyer’s not me!


Repeat Chorus