Mississippi Moon

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Well I had a dream and I woke up in a cold cold, sweat and I could see my life passing by me like a scene from a movie set

And my blood ran cold, and I just can’t forget, that dream and the cold cold feeling  that it left me with 

There was hellhounds runnin’, hot after my tail, on a moonlit night on the swamp with the snakes and the alligators.




I hear the hellhounds howlin’ at the Mississippi moon, I never had such a feelin’ of doom, hear the hellhounds howlin’ at the Mississippi moon.


Well I dreamed I was runnin’, I stopped to catch my breath, and I could feel those demons behind me, breathin’ down my neck

Then I turned around, and a chill ran thru my spine, and the devil looked me straight in the eye and said I’m gonna get you yet.


Repeat chorus


Then I saw a light, and I felt real calm, and I could hear God tellin’ Satan you leave that boy alone

Because I got my own plan, and I need this Man, so get back from whence you came before I cut you down

That’s when I woke up and I felt so glad, that I had what I had and it was only a dream and I could live in a land where a man could be free.